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Review By 'A Catholic Girl Reads'

RECENT REVIEW BY BLOGGER Grace Donahue FROM 'A Catholic Girl Reads'

Hidden: Don't Fear the Unseen


Age Range: 14 and up See full review by Grace Donahue on her website here. High Schooler, Clare Thomson, feels that her life is finally starting to get back in order after the death of her older brother. She is friends with the most popular girls and gets invited to all the parties, but then she finds a pair of glasses like none other. When Clare puts them on, she can see creatures she always thought weren't real, angels and demons. And just like that, her life completely changes again. At school, she can see the demons surrounding her friends and whispering in their ears to do bad things, but she can also see the guardian angels that follow everyone wanting to protect. As Clare tries to ignore this new spiritual world she can suddenly see, she wonders maybe angels, demons, and religion are not just a fairy tale but something real. Hidden: Don't Fear the Unseen was a refreshing and engaging new Catholic book for teens. I enjoyed it and couldn't put it down until I finished, but I wish it were longer with more details and time to let the story happen and not be rushed. It was great to read a book about the spiritual world and how it is present around everyone at all times. Sometimes people forget that when they are distressed or need help, they have a guardian angel waiting to protect and help. They also forget that there are demons on this earth trying hard to take our souls and that we always need to be on guard, but not afraid, for them even though we can't see them. The story itself was good, and I liked that I learned a lot about spiritual warfare and some Catholic Doctrine in an excitingly and appealingly way. At the start of the book, Clare tries hard to be a perfect popular girl, wearing all the right clothes, accessories, and makeup. We can see that Clare has a big eternal struggle throughout the book that many people, especially teenage girls, can relate to. People have a need to be and feel accepted and liked, but it is hard sometimes; in Clare's case, she wears inappropriate clothes, too much makeup, and tries to be friends with the popular means girls. Since so many people struggle with this, I am glad that it was put into Hidden: Don't Fear the Unseen to show how bad it is when you are in it and how to get out of it. Besides all of the more deep things, I enjoyed Hidden: Don't Fear the Unseen, and it was a quick, easy read that teenagers and up would appreciate! Things to Mention: Clare goes to a party where she drinks, smokes, and a guy tries to kiss her, but all of this is only one or two pages of the book. She wears inappropriate clothing only at school and with friends. Her friends make fun of a girl, and her friends also stay at boys houses overnight. *For everything above, there is little to no details at all which makes me recommend it to 14 year olds and up and not 15 or 16. Clare's older brother died before the book began. There are some bad words said written like: @$$, he**, and a few craps. Clare can see demons and briefly describes what they look like. There are a few instances where the demons try to attack Clare but she is saved either by running into a church or praying. Click here to buy!

See full review by Grace Donahue here.

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