HIDDEN: Don't Fear the Unseen (2021)  

A Novel 

Are demons and angels, like vampires and werewolves,

merely legend and lore?

Or is there more to life than meets the eye?  


When high schooler Clare Thomson's world is shaken by the unexpected death of her older brother, she grasps for security in what's close at hand — popularity.  But when even those tenuous relationships quake, she finds herself truly alone.  Or so she thinks until she stumbles upon a pair of sunglasses that forever change the way she sees the world.


HIDDEN is a fast-paced, accessible novel for teens and young adults. Are you struggling to talk with your son or daughter about the reality of evil? Do your children doubt the Faith? Read along with your teen to expand your understanding of the Catholic faith and discover the answers to your child's most burning questions.

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This is Clare's Story.

Book 1 of the HIDDEN Series

(A Spiritual Warfare Novel - Confronting the question: Is evil real?)

In this coming-of-age novel, Verity Lucia writes from a biblical perspective, citing the Bible, angel expert and scholar Peter Kreeft, and even Father Jose Antonio Fortea from his book Interview with an Exorcist, to answer one of the big questions on every generations heart.  Is evil real?

Written for TEENS, but loved by PARENTS and teens alike!

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SECRETS: The Truth Will Out (2022)

A Novel

Elise Thames - Have you ever heard that 'the truth will set you free?'  High schooler Elise Thames could hardly agree.  When she's gifted a bracelet that gives her a vision into the minds of others, her identity as one of the most popular girls in the school is shaken.  And when an unplanned pregnancy exposes the cracks in every relationship she's ever depended on, Elise must face the truth about who she is — and make a choice.    

This is Elise's Story.

Book 2 of the HIDDEN Series


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STOLEN: All That Glitters Isn't Gold

A Novel

Nikki Thacker - Her family is the most powerful and wealthy in Newhill, unofficially running the town for decades.  Grand-daughter and heir to the throne, Nikki Thacker, has been ruling the local high school with the same methods her father has used for years — fame and fear.  And she likes it that way.  When a curious piece of jewelry is bestowed upon her by an unknown benefactor she believes her power has reached new heights.  But has it?

This is Nikki's Story.

Book 3 of the HIDDEN Series


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WARRIOR: Daughter of the King

A Novel

Caitlin Carter-Hill - Caitlin Carter-Hill is her own woman by anyone’s standards.  Some call her a geek, some a loner, some an artist.  They try to label her.  They try to put her in a box.  They try to identify her.  They all think they know who she is.  Well, they don’t know the half of it.  Because she — she is a daughter of the King. 

This is Caitlin's Story.

Book 4 of the HIDDEN Series


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Why Your Teen Questioning Their Faith is a GOOD Thing

So, you’re not sure that your son or daughter believes? Or, maybe you’re certain they don’t. In fact, they have told you straight to your face, ‘There is no God!’ Cool. Now we’re getting somewhere. If you’ve had this conversation with your teen, I want to congratulate you. Genuinely. Oh, you haven’t actually ever asked your teen what they believe? All right. Well, we should talk about that. 

A guide to discovering where your teen is on the journey to sainthood.
And what to do when you find out.