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2023 Let Them Live OneLife Ball

Wow! What a whirlwind weekend! I'm back in the Midwest after an amazing three days in the sunshine state where I attended the First Annual Let Them Live OneLife Ball.

Inspiring speakers, powerful witnesses, and a spirit of life. I've returned more inspired than ever to reach hearts with the truth: Life begins at conception.

If you are not already familiar with the organization, allow me to introduce them. Let Them Live was founded a few years ago by Emily and Nathan Berning when their hearts were stirred to save one life. After giving away their savings to provide for a woman and unborn child they had never even met, their generosity has grown into a life-saving organization that is saving lives across the country. 600+ and counting! That's 600 babies that would not be here if not for the faith and commitment of these two amazing individuals.

I feel honored to have met them in person this weekend. They are just as passionate and commited as their website suggests. Please check them out at and consider contributing to their cause with a monthly donation. Or sponsor individual women as their needs arise. The Let Them Live sponsorship program is like no other, and I believe Nathan's ingenuity will be headlining the pro-life movement with it's modern, social networking technology and appeal.

Thank you, Emily and Nathan, and all the others who contributed to this event and the daily work of faith and love! @emilyberning @nathan.berning @realbencarson @mikedonehey @sav.speakslife @diamond_lovejones @holliebritvalentina @mgtonolli @prolife.spiderman @laura.chesire @suemoon_pickens_

Let's unite and work together to make abortion unthinkable!

Love and prayers,

Verity Lucia

P.S. Heads up! This weekend, June 2nd and 3rd, I'll be hosting a table at the upcoming 22nd-Annual Minnesota Catholic Home Education Conference and Curriculum Fair. If you are in the area, stop on in for exclusive signed copies of my life-affirming novels! I'd love to meet you!

Learn more about my supernatural pro-life fiction series for teens here.

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