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Verity Lucia

Hey, all! I'm Verity Lucia. I'm a wife, mom to four awesome kids, and a former wayward teen.  I was raised in a loving Christian household, but as a teen had too many questions about our faith and not enough answers. So, when I left home at seventeen, as a non-practicing Catholic, and threw myself into an unhealthy college environment with nothing but my own desires to guide me, the result wasn't pretty.

I was on fire, not for God, but for architecture and chasing my dreams.

Fortunately, God drew me out of the mess I'd made, and I finally saw that His ways were better than mine. I  surrendered to His will, and now instead of designing buildings, I write the books that I needed as a teen and young adult—books that I pray will touch you as they have touched me.


What started as a project to talk with my daughter about the challenges of living in a broken world, The HIDDEN Series, has become a gritty, fast-paced book series featuring authentic teen characters that readers are not likely to forget.

The stories of Clare and her friends will connect with readers of all ages.  


Is evil real?  How do I find peace after the loss of a loved one?  Does my suffering matter?  The questions on the character’s hearts are timeless, and you don’t have to be in high school to find value in these stories.  

Read them! Share them! Pass them on to those in your life that need them most!

Love and prayers,

Verity Lucia


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The Truth Will Out 

(A Pro-life Novel - Confronting the question: Does my life matter?)

Perfect looks. Perfect boyfriend. Perfect image. High schooler, Elise Thames, has it all under control until one late night and two little pink lines change everything. 


After fleeing to Chicago to erase the life growing inside her, Elise begins hearing voices and seeing visions that thrust her into the minds of others. Her newfound telepathy draws out grim insecurities buried within, and Elise’s identity as one of the most popular girls at Jefferson High shatters. When news of her pregnancy spreads, Elise must face the truth about who she is—and make a choice. 


SECRETS: The Truth Will Out: A desperate girl. A supernatural bracelet. And a choice that will change everything.

This is Elise's story.

SECRETS: The Truth Will Out

Book 2 of the HIDDEN Series

(A Pro-life Novel)



Listen to the first two chapters of

HIDDEN: Don't Fear the Unseen