Verity Lucia

Christian Fiction Author

Verity Lucia is a former catechist for teens, a wife, and a mom of four.  She is an architectural designer by trade but began writing to speak into the hearts of her children about the challenges of living in a broken world.  What started as a way to talk with her daughter about the difficulties of being a teen has become a book series that is bringing hope to depressed and anxious teens everywhere.   

She is passionate about providing exciting stories featuring authentic teen characters that readers are not likely to forget. 


 “There’s so much despair running through high schools right now.  So many young people we know are on antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication.  I just wanted to bring hope and light to where there is so much darkness.  And there is so much hope to be had in Christianity!” Verity says with a smile when asked to explain why she began writing for teens and young adults.

“The stories of Clare and her friends will connect with readers of all ages.  The questions on the character’s hearts are timeless: Is evil real?  How do I find peace after the loss of a loved one?  Does my suffering matter?  You don’t have to be in high school to find value in the story.  And my hope is that parents and grandparents will read it and pass it on to those in their lives that they feel could benefit from it.” -Verity Lucia


New Release

Don't Fear the Unseen 

Are demons and angels, like vampires and werewolves, merely legend and lore?

Or is there more to life than meets the eye?  

When high schooler Clare Thomson's world is shaken by the unexpected death of her older brother, she grasps for security in what's close at hand — popularity.

But when even those tenuous relationships quake, she finds herself truly alone.  Or so she thinks until she stumbles upon a pair of aviator sunglasses that forever change the way she sees the world.

This is Clare's Story.

Book 1 of the HIDDEN Series

(A Spiritual Warfare Novel for Teens)

In this coming-of-age novel, Verity Lucia writes from a biblical perspective, citing the Bible, angel expert and scholar Peter Kreeft, and even Father Antonio Fortea from his book Interview with an Exorcist, to answer one of the big questions on every generations heart.  Is evil real?  

A fast-paced, gritty story you will not want to put down!

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What are people saying about it?

"Parents, HIDDEN is a wonderful spiritual warfare handbook for Catholic teens. Written as fiction, it is packed with

step-by-step processes for not only facing your fears but conquering them at the source. In addition, I love that so many wholesome values are woven throughout the story: kindness, manners, respect for parents, friends, and siblings.


Teens, the main character struggles with all the typical issues you face every day: dealing with bullies, peer pressure, jealousy, cliques, and young romance, but she learns to handle it all with the help of ??? I'm not going to spoil the story for you. You won't be able to put this book down!"

-Jayne M. Booth

(Author of Smashing Idols)

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Coming Soon!

The Truth Will Out 

(A Pro-life Novel - Confronting the question: Does my life matter?)

This is Elise's story.

Have you ever heard that 'the truth will set you free?'  High schooler Elise Thames could hardly agree.  When she's gifted a bracelet that gives her a vision into the minds of others, her identity as one of the most popular girls in the school is shaken.  And when an unplanned pregnancy exposes the cracks in every relationship she's ever depended on, Elise must face the truth about who she is — and make a choice.